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Quarantine Queen

After such an amazing #ConfidenceIsQueen Virtual Girls Summit, we realized we needed to create an opportunity to get mothers & daughters together for a chance to be empowered during this pandemic. Many of us haven’t hugged our mother’s since the pandemic started, and that was an experience that we never thought would happen. In response to this, I AM BEAUTY Inc. decided to launch the #QuarantineQueenRetreat series- Quarantine Queen: Virtual Retreat for Mothers and Daughters, on Saturday, April 4th. During the retreat, we discussed the impact that COVID-19 has had on our lives. As a response, we learned how to create coping strategies and find our way back to having joy. We also had special guests: Inspirational Trainer and Author, Dr. Sunne-Ryse Smith and “The Healing Coach”, Yasmeen Ojwang lead the mothers and daughters through breakout sessions to discuss mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness, and participated in wellness exercises.

At the Virtual Retreat, participants shared that “we need more events like this” and “this was such a powerful experience”. During the breakout session for the teenage participants, the teens were able to learn that the things they enjoyed doing can be strengthened while in quarantine. They were able to think about gaining their confidence and created goals towards their future. The teens gained the confidence and created a goal of making a “YouTube channel, sharing their creative fashion designs with others and influencing people by helping them with their insecurities through creating videos”. Women and teens joined us from NY, NJ, DE, PA, NC, and IN to participate in the Virtual Retreat, and they left feeling inspired and equipped to navigate the challenges COVID-19 kept putting in our way. 

Women’s History Month is NOT Cancelled!

COVID-19 hit and changed our lives forever. From schools being closed to events being cancelled, we wanted to still give girls an opportunity despite COVID-19 to still be inspired and empowered during Women’s History Month. Our founder, Akilah C. Bernard, normally celebrates her birthday weekend empowering girls at an event or workshop and this year that was cancelled due to the pandemic. She used her platform of I AM BEAUTY Inc. and offered a FREE #ConfidenceIsQueen Virtual Girls Summit on Saturday, March 28th for girls between 8-18 years old. The summit included online discussions & interactive activities to help girls boost self esteem, combat negative behaviors , find their strengths and maximize their potential. We had girls join us from NY, NJ, DE, GA, TX and AR!  

The girls shared how the global pandemic has impacted them. Several shared “I miss hugs”, “my mom keeps making me wash my hands ” and “I am scared we may run out of food.” The summit provided support in expressing their emotions and developing healthy coping strategies. The girls expressed the desire to have more forums online to connect with their peers. A parent shared on LinkedIn, “The agenda was comprehensive and exercises engaging. My 12- year old daughter attended and she enjoyed answering questions and drawing images that helped her to reflect her strengths, areas to develop and dreams to accomplish. I loved the women change maker’s powerpoint and the meditation component.”

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