2017 Essay Contest

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2017 Essay Contest

Overview:    Our annual essay contest is an opportunity for participants to celebrate their BEAUTY  and for us to celebrate them by featuring the winners  in the 2018 I AM BEAUTY calendar.

Eligibility Requirements   –  The contest is open to girls and young women 10-21 years of age.  Applicants must be able to participate in the B.E.A.U.T.Y. Day and Photoshoot on November 12, 2017  from 10am to 6pm at Toddlewood Studios in Baldwin , NY.

Submission Rules  –  

  • Essay or Video Option –  Submit a 500-1000 word essay or 1-2 minute video on what is your definition of BEAUTY and why you are B.E.A.U.T.Y ( Beautiful, Extraordinary, Ambitious , Unlimited , Talented , Young).  
  • Deadline –   All submissions must be received by 11:59 PM on November,  1st  to essaycontest@iambeautyinc.com.  If you are submitting a video , please upload the video to youtube or vimeo and email the link to the address noted with a transcript of the video.  
  • Additional Information-   Essays and videos should be submitted  with a photo in jpeg format.  Include applicant’s full name , age, school or college, , parent/guardian name and  phone number in the body of the email email.  .
  • Notifications –  Winners will be notified by email on  November 5th.


Prizes  –  10 contest finalists  will be selected to participate in our signature B.E.A.U.T.Y. day which includes :

    • I AM Beauty #ConfidenceisQueen workshop and confidence building experience w/ our Founder  Akilah C. Thompson & Special Guests
    • Make-up Application Tutorial and Makeover with team of  professional makeup artists and hair stylists.
    • Photo session  w/ Celebrity Photographer & Founder of Toddlewood Tricia Messeroux.  Participants  will be captured with two  looks ; ( 1)  Current  – any style  (2)  Future – dressed as their future self


  • Giveaways  & Much More!



Grand Prize

  • Grand prize winner will receive a $250 cash prize.


Now what are you waiting for ?  Apply NOW!  

For more information about the essay contest contact essaycontest@iambeautyinc.com or visit iambeautyinc.com 

Eating Healthy on a BUDGET!

Here are 3 tips that will have you on the right track to eating healthy while spending less.

  1. How to Shop – Bargain Hunting sales help you to pay less and get more . You can also bundle -up which allows you to buy on sale and in large quantities to stock up. Lastly shop around! Sometimes the same items that you are waiting to go sale in one location is already on sale at another or even regularly priced cheaper than other stores.
  2. How You Cook! – Baking, steaming, boiling and grilling are all great healthy cooking alternatives to fried foods. When cooking remove all skin and fats from the meats. A clean meal is a clean body!
  3. How You Eat – Portion control is vital. It allows you to monitor your food intake as well as budget your shopping list. Stay away from junk food. Substitution is key! Snacking can get the best of us because junk food like potato chips, cookies, and ice cream taste so good. However, you can find healthy snacks that taste great too. For example, yogurt is nutritious and light.


Eating healthy = extending your life! You can do that regardless of your budget. Your body is important and eating right is a major step to staying healthy or improving your health.

Social Media Dos & Don’ts

Social media is one of the most powerful forms of communication teens and adults use today. Here are some tips to help you use social media safely and effectively.

10 Social Media Tips for Teens

1.     Respect yourself. – Show off how great you are with class. You are a brand and should represent yourself accordingly on social media. Make sure your photos are appropriate. Do not post or text photos of yourself naked, dressed provocatively, or making obscene gestures. Avoid uploading anything you would not want your grandmother to see on the front cover of the New York Times! Social media plays a major role in building and ruining personal images. Be wise!

2.     Post with positivity – Keep it cool! If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t post. Avoid ranting or arguing with people on social media and posting when you’re upset. You may be upset with your mom but it would be very disrespectful to share your anger with the world. What do you think college recruiters or future employers might think about you disrespecting your mother on social media? No Bueno! Share positivity and good vibes on the web.

3.     No “twerking” videos please! – Just because you see a trend starting on social media, doesn’t mean it is something you should do. Do not post videos that portray negative images of you, your friends or family involving profanity, sex, nudity, crime, drugs, discrimination, violence, lewd gestures, or anything that could be offensive to the public. Keep your video posts kid friendly. You don’t want a video of you intoxicated and “twerking” inappropriately with friends to surface while you are campaigning for President in 20 years. Definitely not a good idea!

4.     Know your followersAllowing strangers to follow you can be very dangerous. Even if their account looks harmless, be aware that there are many fake accounts where creeps follow their prey. If you don’t know them, ignore them and don’t let them follow you. Also, use privacy settings to protect your accounts from being viewed by strangers. Proceed with caution!

5.     Be careful what you post for likesYou don’t want to end up “instafamous” for something that could destroy your future. Keep your posts positive, dignified and smart. Social media is a great way to build a web presence for future endeavors. Don’t compromise your future for “likes” or “followers.” Make your mark on the web, the right way!

6.    Play nice …Don’t cyber bully! No one has the right to harass anyone based on their sex, race, age, orientation, personal beliefs, values, etc. The impact of harassment is heightened and can have deadly consequences when acted out over the Internet. Avoid engaging in cyber brawls on twitter and status face-offs on Facebook. If you have a personal issue with someone, keep it off the Internet. If anyone is saying things about you on social media, report their account and let a relative know.

7.     Think before you post. – Nothing is ever truly deleted, so be very sure about what you post before you hit the “post” or “send” button.   Once you post a picture or a status it is stored on the site’s server and can normally be retrieved even if you delete it from your profile. So, be smart and post with care for your future!

8.     If you see something, say something! – Report anything inappropriate. Block or un-follow people that post negative comments on your timeline, make you uncomfortable or harass you in any way.

9.     Manage your use wisely – Too much of anything can become a bad thing. Is social media keeping you from getting work done? Try putting time limits on your social media usage to make sure it is not impacting your productivity.

10. Don’t post your every move – Leave some information to share with your real friends and family over the phone. Your best friend would probably want to know you and your boyfriend broke up before the whole world knows via your relationship status change. Also be careful sharing info when you are going out of town. You don’t want to alert a potential burglar that you will be in the Bahamas for a week with your family.

As a teenager it is important that you are aware, informed, and understand the risks that come along with using social media. Remember to protect yourself, censor what you post, and chose the crowd you associate with wisely.

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Announcing Confidence is Queen Tour!

Have a group of girls that could use some motivation? Announcing #ConfidenceisQueenTour !!

Low self esteem is linked to teen pregnancy, poor academic performance, negative behaviors, mental/emotional disorders, and substance abuse. We will be going to schools and organizations conducting 1 – hour girl talk sessions giving girls tools to build confidence , combat negative behaviors , and maximize their potential. Open to all U.S. states! Girls should be between 10 -18 years of age. College groups welcomed. For booking and more information you can contact akilah@iambeautyinc.com . To learn more about I AM BEAUTY visit www.iambeautyinc.com.#bebeautyNOTabully

Girl Talk.

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